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Join us online July 26-31 for a week of reflection & inspiration with acclaimed poets, fiction writers, & translators
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 St. Helena, CA

Since 1981, the Napa Valley Writers’ Conference has provided literary fellowship and a craft-focused experience among the foothills and vineyards that have made this region famous.

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Key Dates

Fall 2020:

  • 2021 faculty announced

January 2021:

  • 2021 applications open

July 2021:

  • 40th anniversary conference – workshops, lectures & readings


“The spirit of Napa is one of generosity and support, with little focus given to professionalization, which often kills inspiration. I keep coming back to the conference each year because I want to turn my attention entirely to the study and to the creation of poetry, and unlike so many other conferences, Napa stands for that.”

Blas Falconer, Author of Forgive the Body This Failure, The Foundling Wheel, and A Question of Gravity and Light

“The conference fosters an amazing literary community, and I’m still in touch with classmates from our workshop. I deeply appreciate how my time at the conference shaped my development as a writer.”

Vanessa Hua, Author of Deceit and Other Possibilities and A River of Stars

“The support I received from everyone, teacher, students, staff,  was the wind I needed to believe my words could fly. In a very literal way, the time and space provided by the conference helped me plant the seeds to what would become a book seven years later.”

Javier Zamora, Author of Unaccompanied

The Napa Valley Writers’ Conference is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.

We depend on contributions for a full 35% of our operating budget. We appreciate support in any of the following ways.

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