C.D. Wright and One with Others

Posted by on March 21st, 2011

On March 10, we were excited to learn that frequent conference faculty member C.D. Wright had won the National Book Critics Circle 2010 award for poetry for her book, _One with Others: [a little book of her days]_.

C.D. Wright reading at the Napa Valley Writers' Conference

C.D. Wright reading at last year's conference. (Photo: Mary Shea)

In a blend of poetry and journalism, Wright pays tribute to her mentor, V, who was the sole white person to support a civil rights “march against fear” through small-town Arkansas in 1969. In [his review, Craig Morgan Teicher,](http://bookcritics.org/blog/archive/31_books_in_31_days_craig_morgan_teicher_on_c.d._wrights_one_with_others/) a member of the National Book Critics’ Circle board of directors and poetry editor for _Publishers Weekly_, wrote:

> … Wright kicks down a wall that it turns out divided poetry from nonfiction. She’s developed a new form, if not a new genre, that allows for a new blending of fact and feeling, one which could help us tell our stories going forward, if only we’ll let it school us. … In this book made of firsthand testimonies, lists, scraps of prose, mini-essays, lyrical fragments and fragmentary lyrics, Wright weaves together the factual and emotional threads of her story in a way no book of plain old poetry or prose ever could.

The intersection of personal and political, poetry and politics, has long been a focus of Wright’s work. [Discussing her collaboration](http://www.jacketmagazine.com/15/cdwright-iv.html) with photographer Deborah Luster for the book _One Big Self: Prisoners of Louisiana_, Wright said,

> Politics, politics: they are an aspect of everything, and I make no effort to purge them, every effort to comprehend the implications of my work and my messy part in every messy situation. I don’t know if it’s as hard as Americans conventionally make it out to be to keep art art, and let it show its political stripes. I think it’s all in the mix.

C.D. Wright talks with students at the Napa Valley Writers' Conference

C.D. Wright talks with students at last year's conference. (Photo: Lakin Khan)

Wright has taught at the conference several times over the last decade, most recently in 2010; she’s often joined on our faculty by her husband, poet and translator Forrest Gander. We look forward to her next visit!

– [Poetry.org profile: C.D. Wright](http://www.poets.org/poet.php/prmPID/728)
– [_Jubilat_ interview: C.D. Wright](http://www.jubilat.org/n5/wright.html)
– [Copper Canyon Press’ page for _One with Others_](https://www.coppercanyonpress.org/pages/browse/book.asp?bg={D16F3990-04F2-45B4-AB72-C915C7E685BD})

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