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A Bit More About Arthur Sze

          When Arthur Sze was named a Chancellor of the Academy of AmericanPoets last month, Academy Chancellor Naomi Shihab Nye called his poetry “a nourishing tonic for the mind.”  The word tonic, with its connotations of both musical tonality and promotion of muscular health, is a particularly apt one for Arthur Sze’s […]

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Tayari Jones on NPR

Tayari Jones was heard on NPR today  with this essay about the death of Trayvon Martin in Florida. She writes and speaks with the elegance and heart-breaking honesty so present in all her work.  

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Ron Carlson, Man of Many Genres

This year, we welcome the return of Ron Carlson, whose renown as a master of the short story is matched only by his excellence and generosity as a teacher—as those in his workshop are bound to discover. And this year, Carlson returns with a just-published first book of poetry under his belt. With five novels, […]

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The Application Gates Are Open

Along with the plum blossoms, the first flurries of applications are arriving!        There’s nothing quite like the smell of fresh applications in the morning, still warm from the friction of electron-transmission.        Though, to be sure, paper and snail-mail are perfectly acceptable and have their own appeal. The satisfying rip of […]

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