Poetry workshops

Napa Valley Writers' Conference attendee during a poetry lecture

“To plunge one thing into the shape or nature of another is a fundamental gesture of creative insight, part of how we make for ourselves a world more expansive, more deft, and fertile, more startling in richness.” — Jane Hirshfield

The poetry session provides the opportunity to work both on generating new poems and on revising previously written ones. You will work exclusively with one faculty poet for the week in daily workshops that emphasize writing new poems — taking risks with new material and forms, pushing boundaries in the poetic process.

The schedule also includes talks by faculty writers, panels featuring visiting editors and agents, and readings by the faculty at Napa Valley wineries.



Poetry tutorial

Participants will have the opportunity to meet once in a brief tutorial with your faculty poet to discuss a current poem. You may choose a poem that you think is finished or one that is very much in progress. Your workshop leader will set guidelines for this meeting and make suggestions about how to approach this “close focus on a poem” meeting.