Napa Valley Writers’ Conference Protocols and Napa Valley College Guidelines

The conference has taken the following precautions, under the college’s strict guidelines, to help participants feel confident and comfortable:

  1. COVID 19 VACCINATION REQUIRED for all campus programs, including our conference. The conference application includes a link to upload proof of vaccination to the college’s portal.
  2. Readings, meals, and workshops are held in outdoor areas; we moved the conference to the Napa campus in 2021 in order to take advantage of their outdoor spaces.
  3. Sunday orientation, craft talks and the fiction first books panel are held in the Performing Arts Center, an auditorium that seats more than 500. Inside is plenty of room to sit socially distant if desired. Masks are required in all indoor spaces on the campus of Napa Valley College.
  4. Live streaming links are available for participants and local ticket holders for any event held within the PAC for those uncomfortable indoors for any reason.
  5. Meals are individually packaged, rather than served by buffet or plate.

The Napa Valley Writers’ Conference is a program of Napa Valley College. Below please find links to the College’s Emergency Response page, as well as their Interim Guidelines about vaccinations and Covid-19. These pages are regularly updated.