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Frequently Asked Questions2019-02-25T12:21:10-08:00

Below are the questions we receive most often about the conference & the applications process. If you have a question not answered here, feel free to contact us.

General Conference & Application FAQs

Where is the Conference located?2021-02-12T17:22:13-08:00

For 2021, the Conference is located on the Napa Valley College main campus. The address is 2277 Napa Vallejo Highway in Napa, zip code 94558.

Is there a place on the application for the name of a recommender or reference?2019-01-22T03:56:17-08:00

As we base our acceptance on the writing itself, we don’t ask for a references or recommendations. However, in your statement of your writing background in the cover letter, you are welcome to include the names of teachers you’ve worked with, or someone who’s recommended the Conference to you.

I’d like to apply now, but send my writing sample in later. Is that okay?2019-01-22T03:55:40-08:00

As the writing sample is the basis of your admission, it’s best to send the application and written submission at the same time. We are unable to review a submitted application without the writing sample.

Is the conference open to applicants outside the U.S.?2019-01-22T03:35:06-08:00

Absolutely. In the past, we’ve had participants from Japan, Israel, Canada, South America and other places around the world.

Will literary agents be at the conference? How do I schedule a meeting with them?2019-01-22T03:34:20-08:00

Since our focus is primarily on craft, we don’t bring in agents with the specific purpose of reviewing submitted work. We do on occasion feature publishing professionals on our special panels.

Fiction Application FAQs

Do you prefer standard submission format? Should I include my name on my manuscript? 2019-01-22T04:03:33-08:00

There is no need to withhold your name on the manuscript. Please submit in the standard manuscript format: double-spaced, in a legible font, preferably 12 pt Times New Roman, Times, Palatino, or equivalent, with one-inch margins. Please number the pages and use standard paragraph format: indent the first line and no extra space after the paragraph.

Is the manuscript submitted for the application the one that will be used in the workshops?2019-03-03T18:45:58-08:00

The manuscript sent with the application is not always the one used in the workshop. After acceptance, there will be an opportunity to submit a different manuscript for the workshop, one that would benefit from the review and response process.

Must the submitted manuscript be unpublished or is a previously published story okay?2019-01-22T03:57:20-08:00

As acceptances are based on your written submission (10 to 15 pages or 2,500 to 3,750 words), you should send in your strongest work, published or unpublished, with your application. However, we expect an unpublished manuscript to be offered to the workshop and thus open to the review and response process.

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